A Perfect Pair

Your pet is your constant companion.
Having them in your life helps you thrive
in ways you won’t expect.

Discover some of the benefits pets give us.

Physical Benefits 

Increase your odds of surviving a heart attack by loving your dog.

Studies show dogs improve their owner’s health. Being together reduces stress, decreases frequent doctor’s visits and encourages exercise.

Boost brain health while playing with your cat.

Research in neuroscience indicate 30 minutes or less with a cat improves brain chemistry through boosting serotonin and lowering cortisol levels.

Emotional Benefits 

Get love as you give back from your cat or dog.

Two out of three pet owners decided to adopt because they wanted a companion. And that time is well spent. As pets keep us company, the CDC states they also prevent loneliness.

Improve emotional well-being through pet therapy.

Including a cat or dog in therapy has been shown to help improve anxiety, panic disorders, PTSD, obsessive compulsive disorder and other disorders.

Social Benefits 

Socialize more with help from your dog.

Pets, especially dogs, help their owners seem more approachable and increase their chances to break the ice with people they don’t already know.

Attract a significant other as a pet owner.

Studies show people who pose with pets in pictures on online dating profiles are perceived as more desirable and are more likely to get a date than those who don’t. 


Making life better. Making life complete.

Whether it’s a dog or cat, kitten or puppy, when pets and people come together, everything changes.


Want to learn more about how pets make life better?

Read on.

Responsibility isn’t the only thing children learn when they have a pet cat. A cat can promote social, emotional and physical health in your child.

Dogs—even ones with high energy—have a calming influence. Spending time with your dog can significantly relieve stress.

Looking for ways to relieve stress or shift your mood? Your dog could be the solution.

Right By Your Side front pict
Right by your side. Right where they belong.

Meeting your pet was just the beginning. Keeping them happy, healthy and by your side makes the life you share meaningful. Purina is dedicated to keeping you and your pet together. Let us show you how.

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