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Pet Advice from Our Experts

When you need pet advice, turn to the experts at Purina. Our more than 500 scientists, behaviorists and veterinarians offer all the pet tips you need. Whether you need advice on which dog or cat food to choose, tips for puppy training or want pet care and safety tips, we can help. Explore all our experts’ advice below.

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Dog Food Comparison

How do you decide which dog food is right for your dog or puppy? With so many options to choose from, take our expert’s advice. Explore our tips for choosing a dog food.

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What Makes a Healthy Cat Food?

Does your cat’s food contain essential nutrients to support her health? See our expert cat advice on which nutrients she needs to live her happiest, healthiest life.  

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What is Average Dog Weight?

Your dog’s weight is an important component to his health. Is there an average number you should aim for, though? Find out how to keep your dog at his healthiest weight here.

What is Average Cat Weight Hero
What is Average Cat Weight?

Keeping your cat at a healthy weight can help prevent other health problems. How do you know what specific weight is right for your cat? Learn how to determine your cat’s healthiest weight here.

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Beneful Healthy Weight Review CTA
  • 5/5
Beneful Healthy Weight

Endy has been fed Beneful since she was a puppy. Never has
she had anything else. She loves it. She is now 10 and acts like
A 2 YEAR OLD. Thanks for a great product.

Pro Plan Cat Food with Probiotics CTA
  • 5/5
Pro Plan Savor with Probiotics

This is an awesome food! Cats love the taste,
it is nutritious and they seem to be healthier
while on it. All around amazing food.