holiday pet safety puppy in snow
‘Tis the Season

The holidays are a time for festive lights, decorations and lots of sweet treats. Read our tips to keep pets safe amidst the hustle and bustle of the season.

holiday safety for pets cat with red bow
5 Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Find out which festive items to keep away from your pets
this holiday season and print gift tags for hazardous items.

winter safety tips dog in snow
6 Winter Safety Tips for Dogs in Snow

Taking your dog for a walk in a winter wonderland?
Find out how to keep him safe in the cold and snow.

dogs and holiday foods woman holding dog
Human Foods Dogs Can & Can’t Eat Over the Holidays

Some human foods are safe for dogs, some aren’t.
Find out which popular holiday foods you can treat
your dog to and which ones to avoid.

giving a dog as a gift holiday puppy
3 Considerations Before Giving a Dog as a Gift

Considering giving a loved one a dog as a gift?
Find out how to do it the right way.

holiday plants poisonous to pets holiday cat
5 Holiday Plants Poisonous to Dogs & Cats

Some holiday plants are poisonous to dogs and cats.
Learn which ones to keep far out of their reach.

Give your pets a special treat from Santa Paws.


beggin Dog Treat Review
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Beggin' Strips

This treat is my little Chihuahuas only weakness!

Fancy Feast Filets Review
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Fancy Feast Filets

My cats absolutely went crazy for this food.
They kept wanting me to give them more!

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