Dog Behavior & Training

For many dogs, the fireworks that accompany some holidays can make these celebrations a nightmare. But exactly why are dogs scared of fireworks? We’ve put together five fireworks “fear factors,” as well as ways you can help your petrified pooch stay calm during the festivities.
Learn the unique way dogs communicate-- it may be different than you think
Learn what dish is best for your dog, given his feeding habits and preferences
Discover how to create positive associations and foster friendly social interaction
Know how much exercise is exactly right for your dog, given his life stage and vitality
From hula hoop to fetch, learn a variety of activities you can do with your dog
Learn specific interventions for behaviors from leash pulling to inappropriate digging
If your dog is afraid of thunder and has storm anxiety, there are some things you can do to help calm your dog. Learn 5 ways to calm your dog during a storm and how positive reinforcement can go a long way.
Understanding Your Pet When it's time to move into your new house, whether it's across town or across the country, your moving day checklist includes packing up your four-legged family members. And while moving with pets is a stressful time for's undoubtedly just as stressful for your pets.
While the majority of U.S. households have an emergency disaster kit in their home, most of them don’t have a plan in place for their pets. These five simple steps will show you how to keep your pet safe during a natural disaster. You’ll also learn how to prepare a complete pet emergency kit.