How do I know how to feed my Dog or Cat? How do I know if my dog/cat is overweight?

Feeding your pet is one of the most important ways you can care for him. Once you have chosen the right food for your pet, you can develop a plan for portioning and scheduling.  For more information, check your product package for specific feeding amounts, watch this video, or read Understanding Cat Food.

Why can’t I find the calorie information on my bag of Dog or Cat food?

Some of our pet food packages do contain caloric information. If the product package you feed does not contain this information, we’ll be more than happy to help. Please contact us here for information.

My dog/cat’s favorite pet food or treat has been discontinued. What should I do?

A member of our team is ready to help you find a new product for your dog or cat. Contact us here so we can help you find a pet food that is 100% complete and balanced for your pet’s life stage.

What should I consider when selecting a pet food for my dog/cat?

Select a pet food that is 100% complete and balanced for your pet’s size and life stage when searching for the perfect food, i.e., a large breed food for a dog that is 50 lbs. or more.

All of our Dog & Cat foods come with feeding instructions to help you properly feed your pet depending on his size, but certain types of pets may require specialized foods to help them maintain an ideal body condition.

All Purina commercial pet food is complete and balanced and will contribute to your pet’s overall health, along with regular exercise and attention to any of your pet’s special needs. Please visit our cat products page to review and select one of our cat food products or visit our dog food products page to review and select one of our dog food products.

Do I need to introduce new food gradually to my dog or cat?

You should consider transitioning gradually to new pet foods to help eliminate any digestive issues. We recommend consumers introduce a new pet food over a period of 7 – 10 days to help avoid digestive upset. The first day we recommend mixing 10 percent of the new food with 90 percent of the current food. Each day, increase the amount of the new food while decreasing the amount of the current food. For more information, visit here.

What is a complete & balanced nutrition in Dog or Cat food?

Pet food makes up the entirety of a pet’s diet, so it needs to deliver all of the nutrients they need. That’s why pet foods so often use the phrase “complete and balanced.” Every pet food needs to meet federal (FDA) and state regulatory standards before it gets near your Dog’s or Cat’s bowl. For more information on nutrition, please visit here.

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